Registrar Of Contractors - Incompentent ROC investigator Complaint#2013-0351

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The worst experience a homeowner can have, the investigator doesn't know the current building codes or how they are applied, he completely overlooked building codes as in reference to porch railings, contractor installed the wrong type and all were broken and splitting.Have already complained to the Director "Mundell" and have yet to get a response to my request or to my personal complaint to this mess !

I have photos of all the damages to my cabin showing before and after, with no corrections ever having been made, filed over 10 complaints and only 1 shows !Good luck !

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Registrar Of Contractors - ROC deprives victimized homeowners of financial protection by the State

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W. A. Mundell, Director August 3, 2012


1700 W. Washington St., Suite 105 Re: Complaint No: 2012-1546

Phoenix, AZ 85007

To Director Mundell:

This is my second attempt to bring Mr. Mundell's attention to Arizona Registrar's of Contractors disrespectful and discriminatory treatment, unprofessional practices, and negligent business procedures, in my opinion.

Director Mundell has ignored my first letter dated 5/7/2012 (that I sent him personally by the certified mail) and did not favor me with any written response. I am not surprised at this lack of his attention. Not every official is cultured enough to know that in a civilized society it is customary to acknowledge consumer correspondence within 30 days.

Mr. Mundell did not respond to the criticism of ROC's business practices (in my first letter) because:

1. His tactics of ignoring my complaints disagrees with professional practices for business

communications with consumers in Arizona, I believe.

2. His disputing style, i.e. hiding from any conflict discussion, does not satisfy moral and

ethical standards for a civilized conflict resolution, in my view.

3. Those leaders, who ignore basic rules of official communications, DO NOT PRIZE and CARE for THEIR COMPANY'S REPUTATION, I think.

4. He has no courage to take responsibility for ROC's unprofessional business, in my opinion.

I believe now that Mr. Mundell is well cognizant of his employee's unprofessional and discriminatory actions. I would characterize his leadership style of "ignoring complaints and fleeing from any conflict discussions" as an efficient bureaucratic practice encouraging similar actions of ROC's personnel. This kind of leadership creates a perfect environment for cultivation of such parasitic "cultures" as boorishness, disregard, and discrimination in the state organization, in my opinion.

I now think that ROC's policies, rules, and regulations do not ensure objectivity for everyone. See: The Injustice of Language-Based Discrimination Against Immigrants in the United States.

It is all the more outrageous since Mr. Mundell and ROC's management must see that our senior citizens are given the opportunity to live with the dignity they deserve, instead of ignoring their needs and pushing them into background. I strongly believe that our elected and appointed officials should not encourage the policies of discrimination, disrespect, and negligence with regard to anybody, especially our helpless aged citizens.

In my letter, I asked Mr. Mundell to take this case under his personal control in order to ensure objectivity and prevent any prejudice because ROC's personnel had already subjected me to an unjust and discriminatory treatment on multiple occasions. Mr. Mundell has ignored my letter, dated 5/7/2012, but he managed to react to my request in a rather "original" way. He assigned inspector S. Deering to conduct an objective and unbiased pre-hearing job sight inspection of our roof. Ironically, inspector Deering turned out to be nobody else, but the same inspector who had previously signed wittingly false statement (copies enclosed) in order to close our case against our will.

In other words, Mr. Mundell has entrusted to conduct a professional inspection (fair and objective by definition) to a person who had already proved to be preconceived and biased against us. If Mr. Mundell did it intentionally, I interpret such a cynical act as a provocation, otherwise, - as a typical ROC's unprofessional discriminatory practice.

Such a hostile action (in my view), along with my previous negative business experience with ROC's personnel at all levels, finally convinced me that Mr. Mundell's had no intention to provide me with an objective administrative hearing. Therefore, I decided NOT TO PARTICIPATE in this pre-staged farce (as I feel it) called "administrative hearing."

I am not looking forward for Mr. Mundell's written response anymore, because I believe now that the presence of CONSCIENCE, DECENCY, and OBJECTIVITY were not prerequisites for his current position. I intent to resolve this problem by means of officially documented public discussion.


Dr. N. A. Losin, Ph.D

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Don't feel bad,the ROC director has been hiding under his desk now for several years,covering his *** to keep this job he was appointed to by our useless Gov.Brewer,the whole operation is a real joke,there are many and I do mean many complaints about this agency and about it's *** employees,and I'm just now starting to get some attention at last about my complaint process.

And I'm not afraid to tell anyone about what I went through either.My e-mail address is not available but here's my complaint number

2013-3368 If you want to get copies of my complaint please contact mr.Dennis Wells Ombudsman 602-277-7292 He was a great help in trying to get some results from the idiots at the ROC.


Roc is like most of Arizona full of sh-t

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